Medical & Wellness Tourism in Kerala – Riding on the Revival Wave

With the opening of the tourism industry in Kerala, medical and wellness tourism has gained tremendous momentum. Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy are the key contributors injecting a new life to the hospitality industry which has itself been on life support system for a long time now.

Yoga as well as Ayurveda has been seen as natural ways of boosting immunity, improving quality of life and wellbeing of both mind and body. The fact that both don’t pose any harmful effects adds to the advantage. Both are believed to have great significance in building immunity for the body, and also help the affected ones to shed away the after-effects of the infection to a large extent. The functioning of lungs and heart muscles after getting affected with the virus has caused some serious concerns and many believe that Ayurveda and yoga can be of great help on this front.

Kerala enjoys the USP of having so many reputed Ayurveda centres and importantly has the deepest historical and cultural connect with this science of life. The scores of well-maintained and government authorised and NABH accredited centres laments the fact. Unlike other hospitals, where the mass factor is a concern, Ayurveda centres are considered much safer, also the strict vigil and adherence to the guidelines gives a lot of reassurance.

With the popularity and significance of Ayurveda and Yoga reaching the nook and corners of the world and more importantly the increased demand from other parts of India, Ayurveda is set to take new heights in the coming months and the momentum is to be seen with the increased number of enquiries.

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