Come to Kerala Tourism’s pavilion at Keraleeyam, have a virtual boat ride

Thiruvananthapuram, Nov. 04: Come to Kerala Tourism’s Pavilion set up at Putharikandam in the city as part of Keraleeyam festival and one can go for a virtual boating in the backwaters, watch a herd of elephants up close moving elegantly in the forest in Thekkady and have a live feel of parasailing over Kovalam beach.

The pavilion that leveraged the immense scope of digital technology to feature Kerala’s panoramic nature in all its charm and cultural diversity has been drawing a steady stream of visitors since the show opened on Tuesday.

Enlivening the show further, the visitors can also try their hands at online games and participate in a live quiz at the main pavilion as well as other venues of Keraleeyam.

Tourism Minister Shri P A Mohamed Riyas visited the pavilion last evening and had a chat with the youth and children present there on the occasion, who recorded their deep appreciation of the attractive and inter-active manner the show has been arranged.

For a change, a visit to the pavilion has been turned into a live experience with a Virtual Reality hub and an LED Corridor besides charming visual representations of the salient features of Kerala as a global experiential tourism hub.

With the spacious sky above and wave-lapped seashore below, the LED Video Corridor at the entrance offers a live feel of walking along a beach with a subtle interplay of light and shade.

The VR hub offers a 360-degree view of the stunning beauty of Kerala’s storied natural beauty, featuring back waters, forests and wildlife.

The pavilion also features videos and brochures on major tourism destinations, projects and products of Kerala Tourism.

Enhancing the experience, especially for youth and children, as many as six Augmented Reality based online games have been added to enliven the show, like a Treasure Hunt and Down Hill.