Ministry of Tourism to formulate more synergized protocols to ensure smooth domestic travel.

The positive signs from the domestic tourism market have prompted the MOT to draft more synergized protocols for domestic travel. As per Ms. Rupinder Brar, Additional Director General, Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India “There was so much of domestic demand. Yes, there was a worldwide crisis, a lot happened but, yet because of the sheer ability of the domestic market to create its own demand India was kind of sort of saved of a lot of crisis. So while the demand might be very small, to begin with, because we are working on making the harmonization of the protocols.

It’s a bit challenging but I think we are getting there. We are getting there and we are getting to at least make sure that whatever be the protocol but there has to be harmony in that. Hopefully, very soon it shall be more synergized in terms of making sure that there are Health gates and a card kind of a thing should be coming out soon or so with that I think, in the next few weeks with all the suggestions coming from the industry on how to put forward the protocols in a more harmonized fashion and making sure that there is synergy with civil aviation, synergy at the entry points. Even when you go on road travel we should be hopefully reviving the domestic travel engine open”