Plastic ban in Munnar, Devikulam

Plastic waste is a plague on the world, and our holidays are also partially to be blamed in contributing a large chunk of it. With an aim to bring down the plastic waste in the destination, Munnar, the famed hill station of Kerala, is taking some commendable measures.

Munnar Grama Panchayath has banned plastic products in and around Munnar area in Devikulam Taluk. The local authority has banned buying and selling plastic products under the Plastic Waste Management Rule – GS320(E) dated 18.03.2016 and ESR285(E) dated 28.03.2018.

The products banned in Munnar area are plastic carry bags, plastic banners, flex, plastic cups, plastic straw, plastic spoon, plastic bottles, plastic flags, plastic decorations, plastic sheets used to wrap food items, plastic bed and thermocol products.

Shop owners who store any of the above mentioned items will be fined Rs 5,000 and those individuals who keep the mentioned items will be fined Rs 2000,” informed the secretary of Munnar Grama Panchayat.