Israel expecting more Indian travellers, relaxes visa rule

Tel Aviv: Israel has simplified the visa application procedure for Indian citizens. As per the new visa rule Indians who have availed visas of Schengen countries, US, Canada, Australia or Israel and have completed their travel to these countries need less documentation. For these travellers, the documents include a valid passport, completed visa application form, two photographs (5.5cm x 5.5cm), cover letter with travel information, traveller’s insurance and passport copy (first and last page). 

Hassan Madah – director of the Israel Ministry of Tourism, India- said they will also introduce express service with VFS soon. Easing the visa requirements will not only make the application process faster, but also increase travel to Israel. e-visa processing as well as easing the group visa process are also under consideration of Israel tourism ministry.

In September this year, one-year multiple entry visas for business travellers was introduced and the ministries are working together towards bringing more changes like these to make the process faster and easier for Indian travellers to Israel.