Uncertainty in the tourism sector at Sunday’s lockdown

Restrictions similar to the lockdown on Sundays are a setback for the tourism sector. The government has not clarified what the restrictions on the tourism sector will be. Despite reports are circulating on social media that pre-booked tours will not be disrupted, neither the DTPC nor the tourism department has officially clarified.

Tourists mostly visit on Sundays. Many people come to Alappuzha for houseboat trips by booking in advance. No notice has been given to houseboat owners or tour operators on how to work on Sunday. So they are worried about what to say to those who booked.

Currently, only tourists from Kerala visit Alappuzha for houseboat trips. They will have to return on Sunday as they are from within the state. The question now is whether travel on Sunday will be possible.

Currently, houseboat owners say that houseboat travel is based on the covid protocol. All employees received two doses of the vaccine. Only those who have been vaccinated will be allowed to travel. Large tour groups are not permitted to travel. Houseboat owners are demanding that concessions be granted in the tourism sector on Sundays as they fully comply with the government’s directive.