“Fam 2 Malabar 500” Now the world will explore Malabar

Malabar is a land of great potential for tourism. It still needs to attract tourists from all over the world. This will nurture the tourism potential not only of Malabar but of Kerala as a whole. According to the internationally renowned Lonely Planet, Malabar is one of the 10 unexplored places in the world.

The Department of Tourism is introducing a unique marketing scheme called “Fam 2 Malabar 500” to bring Malabar to national and international attention and to place Malabar in the packages of domestic and foreign tour operators. It will be attended by over 500 tour operators in India and abroad.

The first trip of the project will reach Kannur on January 17. The North Malabar Chamber of Commerce is spearheading a program called Mystical Malabar. The Department of Tourism will provide facilities for tour operators, public and media persons to see the caravans and camping trucks of various companies at Hotel Magnet on Puthiyatheru, Kannur on the 18th.