Adventure Tourism

Tourist bustle at Meenpidipara Tourism Center

Meenpidipara is located at Kottarakkara Pulamon Junction on Kollam Shenkottai Road, half a kilometer east, behind St. Gregorius College. Meenpidipara Tourism Center is run by the District Tourism Promotion Council.

The water of Meenpidippupaara is believed to have healing properties. Many people from other districts and locals visit here regularly. As a testimony, some old persons say Meenpidi Para water is very good for herbal bathing. Their substantiating fact is that water reaches the falls after flowing through areas of medicinal herbs from Chengamanad Kizhakketheruvu.

Beautiful parks, small waterfalls, a large fish statue, suspension bridge, bathing facility in pulamon stream, half-kilometer long walkway, and seating are all set up to the part of the new viewing experience. Although the water flow is low, many tourists come here to enjoy the beauty of the Meenpidipara.

There is a snack bar and clean toilet facilities are available, but the narrow road and limited parking space make it very difficult for travelers. So it will be more convenient for those coming by car and other large vehicles to park their vehicle on the grounds of the Higher Secondary School half a kilometer ago.

The tourism department’s maintenance programs are not affecting the natural beauty of the Para. The place has a majestic look and attracts travelers.

Admission is from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and the entrance fee is Rs. 20 per person.