Munroe Island – Sambranikodi -Thirumullavaram Beach Tour Package- KSRTC launches amazing New Year gift

From January 02, 2022, KSRTC Kulathupuzha Depot launches “Monroe Island – Sambranikodi – Thirumullavaram Beach Tour” at low cost.

* Fare Rs. 650 * (Excluding food)

Munroe Island is a green islet located in the middle of Ashtamudi Lake and Kalladayar. Munroe Island is a group of small islands. The scenic island in green amazes the visitors. Each island here is a piece of land formed by the mud, soil and sediments that flow into the Kalladayar, which overflows in monsoon. Munroe Island is a group of eight islands rich in thousands of small streams and surrounded by water. Munroe Island is home to coconut groves, carp, prawns, small rowing boats, Indian Shag (‘Neer Kakka’) and rare flocks of birds.

If you have ever dreamed of traveling through a serene lake surrounded by beautiful lakes, you should never miss Sambranikodi! Located at the southern tip of Ashtamudi Lake, Sambranikodi is a beautiful island that invites you to enjoy the beauty of God’s own country. It is believed that small ships from China anchored on this shore in ancient times. The locals called these ships ‘Chambrani’ and later the place came to be known as Sambranikodi. Currently, Sambranikodi is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kollam district. It offers a comforting view of the waterways surrounded by lush mangroves. You can happily walked 2 to 4 km through the shallow lake.

The journey is arranged in such a way that one can enjoy the beauty of the beautiful Thirumullavaram beach.

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