Ayurvedic tourism is booming with the arrival of international tourists; Increase in the number of domestic tourists

With the arrival of international travelers to Kerala, the Ayurveda sector will benefit. The sector has also benefited from the fact that many people choose Ayurveda for post-covid treatment. Domestic tourists have already arrived in Kerala for Ayurvedic treatment. The number of domestic tourists seeking Ayurvedic treatment has increased by 15 percent over the previous year.

Special packages are included for travelers. Of these, post-covid treatment packages are the most attractive. Packages ranging from seven days to one month are available for travelers.

Of these, most opt ​​for one-week packages. In addition to treatment, visiting other tourist destinations is expected to increase tourism revenue.

It is estimated that the flow of international tourists to Kerala will increase by 2022. Inquiries from foreign countries have increased. International tourists came to many places. Various facilities have been set up to attract tourists. In addition to traditional Ayurvedic tourism, there is a growing demand for beach-based Ayurvedic treatments. It is estimated that foreign tourists spend around Rs 5,000-7,000 a day on Ayurvedic treatment.

About 30% of Kerala’s tourism revenue comes from Ayurveda. Revenue will also increase as the influx of foreign tourists for post-covid treatment increases.

At present most of the tourists coming to Kerala for Ayurvedic treatment are from the northern states. The region is expected to arrive more international tourists by 2022. The Central AYUSH Group Co-Chairman and Dhatri Ayurveda Managing Director Dr. S. Sajikumar said that the Ayurveda sector can grow along with the tourism sector if it conducts itself well in foreign markets, including Kerala Ayurveda Tourism roadshows.