Payamkuttimala will be included in the world tourism map – Minister Mohammad Riyaz

Minister Mohammad Riyaz has promised to include Payamkuttimala, a tourist destination near Vadakara Lokanarkavu on the world tourism map. The assurance was given by the minister at a high-level meeting held after visiting Payamkuttimala yesterday.

If included in the world tourism map, Payamkuttimala will become a popular destination among tourists and pilgrims from all over the world. Payamkuttimala is an ideal place for a caravan park. For so long the caravan was accessible only to those of high financial capacity. This situation is about to change.

With the implementation of Caravan Park, employment opportunities in the local sector will increase. Many tourist areas do not have accommodation facilities for tourists. As a solution to this, caravan tourism is being promoted.

Travelers will also have the opportunity to taste the local cuisine. Each tourism center in each panchayat is targeted. Efforts will be made to develop the road to Payamkuttimala. A meeting of stakeholders will be held in Thiruvananthapuram to effectively expand the tourism potential of Payamkuttimala and Lokanarkavu. The Minister directed the Joint Director, Department of Tourism and the DTPC Secretary to submit a detailed report on the development potential of these areas.

Tourism centers will provide an opportunity for local artists to present their art. Payamkuttimala is a center located near the Lokanarkavu Temple. A Muthappan Temple is located at the top of this hill. The construction of the viewing tower, compound wall, cafeteria, landscaping and pathway have been completed in view of the importance of tourism.