Oman; The Perfect place for a family holiday with difference

Ranked as one of the world’s safest travel destinations, Oman enables families to leave the familiarities of home behind and journey together through a fascinating culture and landscapes, unlike anything they’ve experienced before.


Children’s eyes and minds will be opened to an altogether different world as they walk through Oman’s many souks, swapping smiles with the locals and perusing market stalls bearing ancient spices, fragrances, silver treasures and exotic garments. Their minds will swim with images of Disney’s Aladdin as they come face to face with the ‘true Arabia’ – a land with a culture seemingly untouched by time with traditions passed lovingly down through the generations.

With a truly international cuisine, kids will find their favourite things to feast on in Oman. But with a food heritage anchored in Arabian flavours that also embraces influences from Africa, India and even Europe, Omani cuisine is certain to stimulate their tastebuds, especially the adventurous ones.

Most museums, tour activities and many hotels also offer activities tailored towards families travelling with children. One highlight of these, however, is the specially-designed Children’s Museum which combines interactive scientific and cultural displays in a stunning dome-shaped building at Qurum, Muscat.

A family holiday in Oman will be treasured for many years, with children taking home incredible memories and insights into a different culture.