Do not be afraid; Now Safe tourism; Tourist centers opened

Although the covid threat is not over, Tourism centers in the Kottayam district are ready to welcome tourists. Allowed access to tourist attractions such as Kumarakom, Aruvikuzhi Falls, Illikkal Kal, Erumeli Pilgrim Center, and Vagamon. The vaccination was completed by including those working in the tourism sector in the priority list. Resorts, houseboats, Aruvikkuzhi, and open space were all disinfected.

Those staying at resorts and houseboats are required to have an RTPCR negative certificate or vaccination. With this, the tourism sector in the district has become a ‘safe tourism’ hub. Kumarakom Lake Song General Manager Arun Kumar said bookings have been received at the resorts since Saturday. All resorts are expected to be busy during Onam. Visitors to Kumarakom will enjoy the backwater ride, which will also help the houseboat sector. This will also be helped the Markets for fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, fish, and meat.

Kottayam DTPC provides direct access to Illikkal Kall, Aruvikuzhi Falls and Erumeli Pilgrimage Center. Illikkal Kal, a top station that looks like the Vagamon Hills, offers tourists the beauty of an iceberg. It is also the highest point in the district. Tourists can reach here via Kottayam-Pala-Erattupetta-Thikkoy. In the past, it was difficult for travelers to climb the Illikkal hills. After the LDF government came to power, Rs 3 crore was handed over to DTPC to provide security. To reach the ‘view point’, which is two kilometers away, a secure steel handrail has been newly installed.

Construction of a coffee shop, cottages, office, and clock room is in progress below the top station. The normal entrance fee is Rs. 20. Jeep rides are also available for those who find it difficult to board. The rate is 39 rupees including taxes.