Video game to promote tourism !!

Each country adopts different ways to grow tourism. But Italy came up with a very different approach. Tourism in Italy is expected to grow in a specially designed video game. Named Italy Land of Wonders, the game is expected to bring the country’s major tourist attractions and historical monuments to the world with ease.

It is prepared under the supervision of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is part of the Italian MFA’s post-Covid programming strategy aimed at supporting the Italian cultural and creative spheres. It is designed to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. It mainly talks about the beauty and heritage of the country.

The app progresses through many characters. One of them is the character of Elio, an old lighthouse keeper who was inspired by Italian classics. This would be great for those who know Italy and want to know more about the country. It contains over 600 articles, including stories, news, and interesting facts.