A review meeting was held in connection with the Kovalam tourism development.

Minister PA Mohammad Riyaz said that the Department of Tourism is committed to regaining the lost glory of Kovalam Beach, which marked Kerala for the first time on the world tourism map. The crisis created by covid has also affected Kovalam. The main attraction of Kovalam for foreigners is the panoramic view of the sea and the beach facilities for sunbathing. The privacy of the travelers was given due importance. This is the reason why a large number of foreign tourists have been attracted in the past. The Department of Tourism will take the necessary steps to reclaim all these attractions.

Unscientific structures have obstructed the beautiful views of Kovalam beach in some places. The Green Protocol and the Tourism Manual will be enforced in future construction work after examining such matters. It was decided at the meeting to resolve the grievances regarding the infrastructure in Kovalam in a timely manner.

Other important decisions are taken at the meeting:

Kovalam beach street lights will be operational by August 10. Tiling work will be completed by August 15. The meeting also decided to find a solution to the problem through necessary discussions with those including the private sector to overcome the space constraints in infrastructure development. Will work with the responsible tourism sector to expand the security system. Power lines and other cables will be shifted to the underground. The “Village Program”, a cultural project in the field of tourism, will be revived and innovatively implemented. It was decided to convene a meeting of those concerned as the development work in the lighthouse area also includes land under the control of the Central Government.

The meeting was attended by Tourism Director VR Krishna Teja IAS, Deputy Director A R Santosh Lal, B K Gopakumar, D R Bijoy, RC Prembhesh, A Shahul Hameed, and M Hussain.