Jim Corbett National Park opens; The beginning of a year-long tourism

Jim Corbett National Park is famous for the presence of tigers. The park is located in Nainital, Uttarakhand, and is considered to be the first national park in India. The park, which was closed due to the covid, is now reported to be open to tourists. It is a part of the year-long tourism. The five most important areas of the park – Bijrani, Dhela, Garija, Dhara-Jhirna and Pakhro – have been open for daily visitors for a year, said park director Rahul.

The park has decided to reopen following a drop in covid cases in the country. Fifty bookings were received on the first day of opening. This is a great help to those who make a living in connection with the park. The covid epidemic has also significantly affected the park’s revenue. The new decision will address such issues, ”said Rahul. A few days back, Uttarakhand Forest and Environment Minister Parak Singh Rawat announced the decision to open the park.

The news of the opening of the park brought great joy to wildlife lovers. Some wildlife experts are of the opinion that this decision will adversely affect the animals living in the park. It is also the largest tiger sanctuary in India. Every year, many tourists come here to see and photograph the tigers.