Rupesh Kumar on the International Tourism Training Panel

Rupesh Kumar Responsible TourismKerala’s Responsible Tourism Mission Coordinator K. Rupesh Kumar has been selected to the International Panel for the Training of Community Based Tourism Trainers. Out of 300 trainees globally, only four are from India who has successfully completed the training and qualified for admission to the panel. Two of them are from Kerala.

Apart from Rupesh Kumar, responsible tourism researcher Sebastian Kuruvila is another member of the panel from Kerala. The course was organized by the International Trade Center, based in Switzerland. Admission to the course was restricted to those who led and researched tourism projects that attracted international attention in the international arena.

Rupesh Kumar has been working in the field of responsible tourism in Kerala since 2007. The panel was set up to train globally to develop a community-based tourism plan that is an integral part of sustainable tourism and responsible tourism. The training program is being launched as part of a global initiative to promote tourism with an emphasis on community-based tourism projects in the context of covid expansion.