KTDC rolls out ‘in-car dining’ to serve food in parked vehicles

Despite the lockdown concessions, Kerala has not changed to the point where travelers can safely eat out from hotels the way they used to. In this case, KTDC’s plan to provide food in vehicles was initiated. KTDC has the largest hotel chain in the Kerala tourism sector. The KTDC hotels that people come to dine on are getting ready to go down to the people.

Under the new scheme, KTDC hotels will be allowed to order and dine in their own vehicles while visiting hotels. Launched under the name ‘In-Car Dining’, the project will provide quality and delicious food to those traveling on the highways of Kerala. KTDC aims to give passengers a whole new experience.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are prepared in this way. There will also available snacks. The project will initially start at selected KTDC Aahar restaurants. The project aims to lift the hotel tourism sector out of the crisis.