Amazing Holidays in the Backwaters of Kerala

Kerala is an ideal tourist destination for many reasons. But no trip to Kerala will be complete without experiencing backwater trips. These backwaters flow near the green coconut trees and coconut groves, which is definitely worth a visit. To help you plan your itinerary, here is a list of offbeat Kerala backwaters for a relaxing vacation.

Valiyaparamba backwaters, Kasaragod
It is considered one of the most beautiful backwaters in Kerala. There is a small island here, which is formed by four rivers. It is located at a distance of 30 km from Bekal. So, when you visit this place, you can enjoy a ferry(Kadathu Vallam) and take a trip to Bekal Fort. In addition, Kapil and Pallikere beaches offer a great weekend getaway. Those who want to engage in some activities can go hiking, boating, and bird watching.

Ashtamudi backwaters, Kollam
The 16 km long lake offers a great network of all the major backwaters in Kerala and you should definitely include the Ashtamudi backwaters in your journey. There are high-quality resorts around this destination that make your accommodation options even more broaden. While here, you may want to spend a day on houseboats or floating huts and experience the serenity around the area.

Padanna backwaters, Kasaragod
It is one of the calming backwaters, that gives you the opportunity to visit the village of Padanna. Oyster harvesting is the main occupation of the people here. According to records, this is the first theme village of its kind. In addition to enjoying the backwaters on houseboats, you can also participate in oyster farming and enjoy dishes prepared with locally harvested mussels. Also do not miss a visit to the Kareem’s Forest, a man-made forest spread over 32 acres.

Thiruvallam backwaters,  Thiruvananthapuram
Here, you get the best in the world, Thiruvallam backwaters is famous for its water-based activities such as Canoeing, kayaking, and cruises on Houseboats. You can also choose the boat ride from Thiruvananthapuram to Kottayam. Whether you want to relax or enjoy adventurous activities, Thiruvallam backwaters offer something special to all visitors.

Kavvayi backwaters, Payyanur
As it is the largest backwaters in North Kerala, it is also one of the most popular backwater destinations among tourists. There are many houseboats available here, and you can expect one to explore the vast landscapes around you. Also, this lake cover an area of ​​about 37 sq km and are the largest wetland in North Kerala.