Heart Island in Thonikkadav Reservoir getting Tourist Attention

Heart Island in the Thonikkadav Reservoir to Tourist Attention. It is a heart-shaped island which is in an area of ​​15 acres in Peruvannamuzhi Reservoir near Kallanode Thonikkadav. Plans will start to bring this island to the attention of the tourism sector. Sachin Dev MLA said. The island is located in the reservoir near Thonikadav, which has become a tourist destination. Acacia trees planted 30 years ago as part of community afforestation are growing now in the shape of hearts.

The bushes have grown thicker. This green island is seen in the shape of the heart when viewed from above. It’s a sight to behold. Locals say they have seen wild sheep here before. The plan is to construct a Suspension Bridge from Thodikkadav Tourism Center to Heart Island. Nature lovers say that nowhere can see the heart-shaped island in such a vast area.

According to environmentalists, The heart island in Africa is about only three acres wide. There is a heart lake in Chembra Peak near Mayapati in Wayanad. It is a place that attracts a lot of tourists. Locals believe that tourists will reach the heart island of Thonikatav as early as possible.

The MLA said that the T.M.C meeting will call immediately and the thonikkadav would be opened to tourists after the Covid controls. Koorachundu Panchayat President Polly Karakkada, DTPC Secretary Beena, and Irrigation Engineers were also with the MLA.