The aim is to double the number of tourists arriving by 2025: Mohammad Riyaz

The aim is to double the number of tourists arriving by 2025 and 2022 is expected to be the year of covid-free tourism. Muhammad Riyaz. The minister was speaking at an online meeting convened to invite suggestions for overcoming the downturn in the tourism sector.

About 18 organizations attended the meeting called by the minister. Tourism Authority will launch special marketing campaigns after the covid second wave. Immediate action will be taken to target intra-state tourism and tourist arrivals from other states.

In addition to completing the existing ones, heritage projects like Ponnani and Aranmula will be set up immediately. The Minister said that the roads to the tourist destinations would be developed and connected to various centers to create more tourism circuits.

Representatives of the organizations who participated in the discussion explained to the Minister how the covid epidemic affected entrepreneurs and employers.

Tourism Principal Secretary Rani George and Tourism Director VR. Krishna Teja also participated.