No one should come here to celebrate anymore; the Maldives bans Indians completely

The Maldives announces a full ban on passengers from South Asian countries, including India, The Maldivian Department of Immigration mentioned this in a statement shared on Twitter. “Temporary ban on all other categories of visa holders from South Asian countries, including tourists,” the tweet said.

Earlier, Indians were banned from traveling to the Maldivian locals living islands. But now an order has been issued imposing a complete ban. This will be a setback for expatriates going to the Gulf countries.

The temporary travel ban from South Asian countries will take effect on May 13. This restriction also applies to tourists traveling through South Asian countries for the past 14 days. “As a precautionary measure, visa holders of all categories from South Asian countries (except health professionals with valid work permits) are temporarily barred from entering the Maldives until further notice,” the statement said.