Need to set up a viewing center and lighthouse to enjoy the scenery of Ashtamudi Lake.

There is a need to set up a lake viewing center and lighthouse near the Ashtamudi Veerabhadraswamy Temple to enjoy the scenery of Ashtamudi Lake. The main part of the Ashtamudi Lake, which has eight branches, is located near the Veerabhadraswamy Temple.

The distance between the two sides of the lake is about 4 km. To the east of the temple is a branch of Ashtamudi Lake. There the distance between the main branch and the sub-branch of the lake is only 200 meters. A lake viewing center can be set up here to enjoy the view of the lake.

Fishermen start fishing in the evening and continue till dawn. As the monsoon intensifies, fishing becomes more difficult. To ensure their safety, the workers are demanding that a lighthouse be set up on the model of the lighthouse at Thankassery.

The fishermen are confident that the current and upcoming assembly members will consider their demand. The State Tourism Department, the District Tourism Promotion Council, and the Fisheries Department have joined hands to ensure the safety of the fishermen and the tourism sector in Ashtamudi.