There is no other garden in Kerala that is maintained so professionally

Malampuzha is one of the must-visit places in Palakkad if you are planning to visit Palakkad. It is about 12 km from Palakkad town. You need to buy a ticket to get inside. The color of the flowers can be seen when entering the garden. It can be said that there are very few gardens in our country that are maintained in such a professional manner. Views can be seen through the clusters of flowers. Malampuzha Dam and its adjoining garden are located in the foothills of the Western Ghats. It is no wonder that it is described as the garden of Kerala.

If you proceed through the flower paths, you will see a beautiful fountain. The garden is more attractive in the fountain. The fountain is arranged in a diamond-shaped pool. The park is maintained by the Kerala Tourism Department. This journey will not be complete without seeing the aerial view of the park. There are ropeways for that too. The Malampuzha Dam and this park were once a symbol of local tourism in Kerala. Malampuzha was a place where students and others from the surrounding districts used to come regularly.

If you look from the garden, you can see the dam. The concept of a dam was mooted here in 1914 during the Madras government. Construction was completed in six years and inaugurated in 1955. There are two suspension bridges here. They are built across the reservoir adjacent to the dam. Beyond the bridge is Nandi Park. The dam offers pedal boats and motorboating opportunities to tourists.

The Yakshi statue of the famous sculptor Kanai Kunjiraman is located here. It was in 1967 that it was decided to build sculptures in Malampuzha to attract tourists. KCS Panicker, Principal, Institute of Fine Arts, Madras, was entrusted with the construction work. He is the one who brings the genius Kanai Kunjiraman to Malampuzha. The Yakshi sculpture is 30 feet high.

You can reach the top of the dam through small steps. The views are different when viewed from above.