India lift restrictions on e-Visa for 156 countries

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has lifted restrictions on e-visas for foreigners from 156 countries, allowing nationals from 156 countries to avail of e-medical visa, e-business visa, e-medical attendant visa, and e-conference visa, according to reports.

The MHA order will allow nationals except those from China, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and the UK to travel to India under e-visa schemes. Travel restrictions for these countries are set to be reviewed this month.

However, the ban on tourist visas is still in place.

All these visas were suspended last March as the COVID-19 pandemic started spreading in India.

An order issued by the MHA in this regard read, “Vide Office Memorandum 25022/28/2020-F. I dated 30.03.2021, e-Visa under the following categories viz. e-Business Visa, e-Medical visa, e-Medical Attendant visa, and e-Conference visa has been restored with immediate effect.”

The fresh order allows foreign nationals to come to India for medical treatment, attending to patients, as well as for business and conference purposes.

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