Are you planning a trip abroad? You can go on a trip to Iceland for $ 350

International tourism is also booming as covid vaccination is progressing well in the countries. Countries come up with great offers to attract more tourists to their country. Now Iceland has come up with a great deal. For the past few days, Iceland has come up with the best deal for those planning a trip abroad at a low cost.

Iceland is a beautiful country that has everything you need to fully satisfy any type of traveler. From the view of the volcanoes to the hot springs, the Northern Lights, and the waterfalls, tourists can expect a lot of interesting experiences and sights in Iceland, such as hiking, road trips, and skiing.

Iceland was one of the first countries to launch an international tour of those who have been vaccinated against covid. Iceland issued its first covid-19 vaccination certificate on January 26 to facilitate the journey of all vaccinated people. This is to make travel easier for people who have been vaccinated. Those who arrive in the country after being vaccinated will not have covid test and quarantine.

According to the latest plan, Iceland’s current plan will be one of the most memorable in life. You can book a round trip to Iceland for less than $ 350. As Iceland prepares to welcome vaccinated visitors from April 6, it is launching a new package called ‘can’t-miss sale’. This is an economic package that ordinary travelers can never even dream of.

According to reports, the package will be available to travelers who book tickets by April 13 and plan a trip between June 1 and February 28, 2022. They can fly directly to Iceland from several North American cities, starting at $ 349 per round trip. Departing cities include New York, Boston, and Seattle.

Apart from this, a winter package is also being prepared here to witness some of Iceland’s unique sights and adventure experiences such as Northern Lights and Geothermal Hot Springs. It starts at $ 599. This too must be booked by April 13. The package will be available from October 1 to February 25, 2022.