Dubai to ensure healthy eating during Ramadan

The municipality has said it will intensify inspections at food establishments in connection with Ramadan. Health standards must be strictly adhered to in the preparation, storage, and distribution of food.

Sultan Ali al-Tahir, head of the food monitoring department, said the inspections would be carried out in warehouses and hypermarkets as well. There will also be regular inspections at fruit and vegetable markets and fish and meat centers. The quality of food items distributed in mosques and Ramadan tents will also be checked.

Chemical contaminants and microorganisms in food can cause deadly health problems. Improper handling also seriously affects health. Particular attention should be paid to waste disposal. It was also suggested that grains, fruit juices, fruits, bakery items, and heated and frozen sweets should be distributed in compliance with certain health standards.

Food establishment employees must wear gloves. The scalp should be covered so that the hair does not fall out. Violations can be reported to the public. Phone: 800900.