Underwater room! Stay in a “Flowing Hotel”

There are some places waiting for the man with amazing views. Examples include mountain peaks, sea slopes, and lush green valleys. Utter Inn awaits those who want to immerse themselves in the beauty of the cocoons and enjoy the views of the water and the bottom. This small but beautifully arranged floating hotel is one of the many tourist attractions.

Utter Inn is located in the middle of Lake Malaren, opposite the city of Vasteras in Sweden. This floating hotel has all the amenities for a couple to enjoy the views of the lake and the surrounding city. The sculptor, Mikael Genburg, is behind the construction of Utter Inn. The hotel is reminiscent of ancient Swedish homes.

There are only two rooms for accommodation. One is on the water surface and the other is set at a depth of about 3 meters below the lake. Upstairs is the kitchen and bathroom. You can go down with the help of a small ladder. The bedroom is arranged in such a way that you can see all the views from the bottom of the lake. It can only accommodate two people. Tourists can take a small boat ride through the lake and visit the surrounding islands. This small hotel is an hour and a half drive from Stockholm. The distance to Utter Inn is only one kilometer from the coast of Vasteras. The hotel is open only during the hottest months of April to October.