Airports tighten fines and restrictions for violating Covid instructions

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has tightened restrictions in the wake of a rise in Covid cases in the country. The DGCA has directed all airports to take disciplinary action such as spot fines for all passengers who do not comply with the Covid standards.

Civil Aviation Minister HS Puri had yesterday warned that passengers violating Covid norms at airports would face police action as they increase surveillance in the Covid situation.

Earlier, the Bangalore airport had decided to take action against passengers who refused to wear masks inside the airport terminal. Passengers who do not follow the instructions will not be expelled from the terminal or allowed to board scheduled flights.

A spokesman for the airport said that those outside the terminal building who pick up or drop off passengers outside the terminal building will be fined Rs 250 for non-compliance.

Unexpected inspections carried out by DGCA at airports had found several covid violations. In the opinion of the DGCA, the current proceedings are not satisfactory. The DGCA has also asked passengers to wear proper masks and maintain social distance.

Mumbai airport officials said they would take the necessary steps to protect the health and safety of passengers and staff at the airport.