Anandashram – The Abode of Bliss at Kanhangad

Kanhangad in Kasaragod district is home to a site where all human beings are welcome to seek peace and salvation. Religious denominations or caste do not matter at the beautiful Anandashram. Formed in 1931 by Swami Ramdas, this internationally renowned spiritual centre has provided solace to all who have reached its doorstep for close to a century. The Swami preached universal love and service and to this day, the Ashram is a shining beacon spreading this message through its activities and involvement in the local community.

The idea of setting up an ashram or spiritual centre called “Anandashram” seems to have first occurred to Swami Ramdas in Bombay. He had recently stayed in Kasaragod in North Kerala where he had been, according to his memoirs, put up in a thatched hut on the Pilikunji Hill. While in Bombay, Swami Ramdas wrote to Anandrao expressing a wish to have an Ashram in that place on the Pilikunji hill. Swami Ramdas also suggested that it might be named ‘Anandashram. A small Ashram consisting of a tiny room and an open veranda was constructed upon the hill, to the south of which flowed the Payashwini river. This Anandashram was inaugurated on 3 June 1928.

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