Choolannur; The lesser known sanctuary for the national bird of India

Choolannur Pea Fowl Sanctuary or Mayiladumpara, as it is locally known, is a lesser known habitat as well as premier haven for peacocks in Kerala. The word ‘Mayiladumpara’ literally means “the rock where peacocks dance”.

Located in Palakkad, getting to the 500-hectare enclosure requires a trek through dense forests. The view however makes up for it immediately. One is enraptured by the vivid colours and majestic shades of this kingly species. At this pristinely maintained heaven, dawn and dusk tend to be the best viewing times. Photographers can capture unique shots of peacocks here along with many other rare bird species and medicinal herbs.

Choolannur Peacock Sanctuary, exclusively set up for breeding and conservation of peacocks, is the only peacock sanctuary in Kerala and the first of its kind in India. Established in 1996, it was dedicated to the memory of the legendary Indian ornithologist and writer Induchoodan, who hailed from the nearby village called Kavassery. The sanctuary offers free access to the visitors. The forest officials will assist you to explore the sanctuary and clarify your doubts regarding these captivating birds. The local people have a special sense to spot the whereabouts of the peacocks. They are simple and sincere and, if necessary, they will readily accompany you in the sanctuary for any assistance.

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