Madayipara- The Unheard Laterite Hillock of Kerala

An hour’s drive from Kannur lies a hidden hillock that boasts of some of the rarest floral species in God’s Own Country. Welcome to Madayipara, home to over 500 plant species, 300 flowering plants, and rare breeds of butterflies. Drive down here and the locals will inform you of the seasonal beauties at this laterite hill. Many are used during major festivals in decorative styles across the State. The bio-diversity of the place has slowly helped it gain traction among tourists and nature lovers alike.

In ancient times, this place once served as the administrative center of the Ezhimala kings. Remnants of time still lie in the area, including the Pazhi Kotta, and are a great reminder of its rich history. Rulers are said to have had their coronations at this specific location, where four watchtowers still guard this former bastion. A pond in the shape of a handheld mirror, connected to ancient Jewish settlers, attracts visitors as well. The Vadukunda Siva Temple and a lake that lies nearby are popular as well. The lake is said to survive even in the hottest of summer months and feeds the local faunal inhabitants of the area.

Visit this secluded spot, where nature still reigns supreme. The Pooram Festival of Madayi Kavu is among the best times to plan a trip here, as the heart and soul of this hidden gem come to the fore. Its picturesque terrain shall always provide a special feast for your eyes.

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