Good news for NightLife Seekers – Las Vegas to have a phased opening by March

Las Vegas is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with COVID-19. Some clubs and pools are planning to reopen in March. After months of closures and restrictions from state mandates due to quarantine, this is definitely exciting news.

Las Vegas’s livelihood depends on the clubs and their customers, representing millions of dollars from their properties.

Of course, operations won’t return to normal all at once. But in reality, this is the new normal, isn’t it? For indoor clubs, bartenders, servers, hosts, security, and other staff won’t fully return to work just yet. The best that can happen is restrictions loosening and welcoming back the industry slowly.

Many club owners commented today that their venues will adhere to strict social distancing and rigorous cleaning procedures. They plan to have a certain flow of traffic with security detail and spacing. Tables carefully placed will ensure maximum safety; this includes pools as well.

Hopefully, summer crowds lure back in. For now, advanced reservations are required with no general admission allowed. The Liquid Pool Lounge will feature a touch-less menu system and scannable QR codes for minimum contact. Since day clubs operate outdoors, it may make sense for them to reopen. It’s little, but something and revenue can start to generate again.

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