‘Immunotourism’- All journeys are going to change!

The world has been gripped by the coronavirus for the past year. Although we are still going through unprecedented fears, the advent of the vaccine has made things a lot easier. Many areas where the corona is badly spread are on the path to recovery. Of these, tourism is the most notable. Many countries have now resumed tourism since the Corona era when tourism was rampant. It was a difficult time with lockdowns, international travel bans, cancellations of flights, and the closure of countries.

But with the advent of the corona vaccine, most of the closed ones were opened. Many countries have started accepting tourists. With this, the word “immunotourism” became popular. Let’s see what is immunotourism and what are its features.

What is immunotourism?

With the advent of the corona vaccine, tourism in most countries has resumed. The word “immunotourism” is newly introduced at this time. It can be easily called immunotourism that countries allow more freedom of movement for people who get the corona vaccine.

The fact that the body has antibodies against the coronavirus does not mean that it does not cause disease but gives more freedom to travel. But this defense is not completely safe. But the corona test. Vaccinated tourists have access to quarantine, isolation, and unrestricted access to cruise ships in certain countries and territories. Some Western European countries have responded favorably to the new immunotourism policy. Those who have been exposed to the Covid vaccine and those who have recovered from the Covid within the last six months are exempted from 10 days of isolation upon arrival in Estonia. Tourism in both Iceland and Thailand is in favor of immunotourism. The idea of ​​a vaccine passport for those who have been vaccinated is also popular but has not been the final step.