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Cuisine contest by Kerala Tourism

Kerala, globally renowned as the God’s Own Country, is celebrated for its eclectic and diverse cuisine experiences. Kerala Cuisine Contest 2020 (KCC2020), the International Online Cooking Competition powered by Kerala Tourism, is a unique campaign aimed at inviting travelers across the globe to experience Kerala’s yummy delicacies. Some of the iconic and traditional dishes of Kerala are featured on this page. All you need to do is to cook any of these dishes at home and share the video with us. Exciting prizes await you!

Of course, it’s not about the taste or the aroma but the way you celebrate Kerala in your kitchen. As the theme – ‘Embrace Kerala in Your Kitchen’ – suggests, KCC2020 is mainly about how best you can bring in the elements of God’s Own Country’s traditional culinary styles in your video presentations. It’s also about the way you slice the vegetables or meat, the utensils you choose, the way you serve, the cutlery you use, the spirit of the family members, and above all, the sense of togetherness and camaraderie on display once you relish the dish at home.

Who can participate?

Kerala Cuisine Contest 2020 (KCC2020), International Online Cooking Competition is open to all Non-Keralites residing outside Kerala, within India, and abroad. There is no age limit to take part in this Contest

Video specs

The minimum duration of the video shall be 3 minutes and the maximum, 5 minutes. The file size of one entry shall not exceed 500 MB.

How to participate?

·       Register to Kerala Cuisine Contest 2020

·       Check out the Recipe Gallery and pick one of your choices

·       Shoot a short video presentation of yourself/family preparing the dish at home

·       Log in to submit your entry

·       To upload videos, use any one of the following options: Upload directly to the Contest page | Email videos/links | Share via file transfer options | Share links via WhatsApp

·       Videos will undergo initial scrutiny by the admin. Upon approval, you will get a URL that you may share on social media platforms to garner public support

For more details and registration visit: https://www.keralatourism.org/contest/cuisine2020/