Solo Sauna sells hot in Japan

The spread of the coronavirus may have slowed down economies and closed many businesses worldwide, but it doesn’t seem to be a dampener for the newly opened Tokyo sauna that caters to solo customers.

The customers can relax in solitude and enjoy the heat from water over hot stones, in the Finnish-style sauna rooms at Solo Sauna Tune, which has become so popular they are completely booked up within hours.

Daisuke Kawase, Co-founder said that although the idea for the business was already in place before the spread of the coronavirus, the pandemic and the social distancing it brought have given it a big boost,

“We feel that there has been a strong demand for solo services like these as a way of preventing the spread of the coronavirus,” He added.

The sauna, which was opened last week, also caters to an ever-growing market of single people in Japan.

As per the government statistics made available in 2018, the ratio of single-person households in Japan is estimated to increase to 40% in 2040, from 30% in 2005.

“Businesses aimed at ‘solo’ people will take root here, even after the end of the coronavirus,” Kawase added.

Visitors can book a sauna room to themselves at an hourly rate of 3,800 yen ($36). Reservations are possible two weeks in advance.

Source: Reuters

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