Kyrgyzstan opens borders to foreign visitors

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan has said that the government has announced its decision to resume the entry of foreigners from all countries.

Foreign citizens could now enter Kyrgyzstan by regular flights through the country’s three international airports in accordance with the requirements to prevent the importation and spread of Covid-19.

Visitors to Kyrgyzstan are required to get a negative PCR test results dated no more than 72 hours before arrival.

The Passengers will first be checked by the employees of sanitary and quarantine services of Kyrgyzstan for PCR test results and conduct thermometry on board the aircraft upon arrival.

In case of expiration of time period given for the PCR test (72 hours) owing to objective reasons related to flight duration or flight delay, the foreign travellers will be required to take another PCR test upon arrival.

The government has also decided to allow entry of foreigners to Kyrgyzstan as international observers invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other state bodies of the country for the presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for 2021.

The country has closed its borders on 22 March after registering its first Covid-19 cases and had cancelled all international and domestic flights immediately.

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