MOT explores possibilities of Travel Insurance for International Visitors

The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India is believed to have started preliminary discussions with the major players of the insurance sector as well as the  Ministry of Finance exploring the possibilities of introducing travel Insurance to boost the confidence of international visitors.

Rupinder Brar, Additional Director General – Tourism while speaking at a webinar organized by the Federation of Associations of Indian Tourism & Hospitality (FAITH) said that the government is considering different international models like that of the Singapore government in this regard so that at least a structure can be put in place.

Brar said that reassuring the travel and tourism trade about the various steps considered by the government to revive the tourism sector in the country and said that there have been “no dearth of interest, inclination or ideas” in the different stakeholders at the government and the private sector and only a confident industry can infuse confidence and trust in the consumers as travel restarts internationally.

She urged the travel industry that they should not lose sight of the domestic potential and channelize it through professional services and innovative packages, even though international inbound travel is of more high value as it brings foreign exchange to the country.

As the vaccine against the pandemic is in sight and travel revival is not far away, she added that the Tourism Ministry is in the process of finalizing content to be sent out as digital campaigns, through all available channels, demonstrating the welcoming message and safety and security measures for visitors. These campaigns are expected to be rolled out in the next couple of weeks.

Nakul Anand, Chairman, FAITH urged for a Task Force between the Ministry of Tourism, and the Ministry of Civil Aviation to sort out various issues on a real-time basis.

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