Nepal Tourism shares it’s reopening strategy

Nepal Tourism is planning to have a phased out reopening strategy for tourism activities in the country. Starting with Everest climbing the authorities plan to extend the activities without compromising on the health and safety aspects.

Speaking on the re-opening strategy Mr. Dhananjay Regmi, Chief Executive Officer, Nepal Tourism said “If we open whole Nepal at a time, then maybe it will give a wrong message to the world that we are not very much concerned about their health. So what we did, we first started the climbing, and then we opened this with trekking together from October 1st, and we started to see that if we really can take care of them or not. So even during these long down period are when all airlines were closed we have allowed some of the VIP climbing trips, especially like the visit of the Prince of Bahrain. So he visited Nepal and climbed two of the peaks that gives a very positive message that Nepal is ready for the climb and Nepal can take care of their clients. Now what we did, we put a proposal to the government to start the rest of the tourism activities as well. So we are very much prepared ourselves with the protocols and our protocols are not only limited within the book or in the papers. We have given hundreds of training and we have involved associations mostly in this part.

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