Camping Van dining beats Lockdown in Belgium

Through some innovative moves, a Belgian restaurant has got the orders ticking during lockdown by serving seafood to its customers in camper vans.

COVID-19 restrictions have temporarily banned indoor dining. But restaurants were allowed to serve food outside and also do takeaways.

At the “Matthias and Sea” restaurant, people can just rent a vehicle or bring their own, park it outside and wait for masked restaurant staff to bring their favorite food over from the kitchens.

As per the restaurant Owner Mattia Collu he got the idea while delivering orders to people’s houses in and around his base in the southern village of Tarcienne.

Collu added “I saw a lot of nice camper vans. I thought it was silly that they had to eat at home when they could come to our parking lot. It would also avoid packaging,”

Food lovers could choose from a widespread menu including lobsters, foie gras, and champagne and place their orders by text message.

They can then tuck in at the back of their motorhome, an idea that is also being tried out by a cooking school in Germany as well.

Currently, Belgium is under lockdown until mid-DEC, but even as shops might open gradually, restaurants are expected to stay closed until January next year.

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