Nagaland’s Virtual Hornbill Festival kicked off on 01st December

This year’s edition of Nagaland’s much-loved Hornbill festival will be held virtually, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The festival’s 21st edition will be held from December 1 to 5 and will be aired on national and local news channels.

The Festival is named after the Indian Hornbill, the large and colourful forest bird which is displayed in folklore in most of the state’s tribes. One of the most well-known festivals of the Northeast, the festival unites one and all in Nagaland and people enjoy the colourful performances, crafts, sports, food fairs, games and ceremonies. Traditional arts which include paintings, wood carvings, and sculptures are also on display.

Traditional arts are also featured, with paintings, wood carvings and sculptures by modern Naga artists on display. Naga troupes sing folk songs, perform traditional dances and play indigenous games and sports. In the evenings a programme of music concerts, catering for all tastes, ensure that the festive spirit continues through the night.

Every year the festival is celebrated on 01st December when Nagaland celebrates its Statehood Day. The festival is a celebration of the rich culture of Nagaland and a platform to display its rich cultural legacy. The festival has gone on to become a global attraction since 2000.

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