Travelife Certified sustainability award for Kerala Voyages India Pvt Ltd

The Travelife Certified award was received by Kerala voyages India Pvt Ltd. The award is a recognition for the long-term efforts and frontrunner position of Kerala voyages India Pvt Ltd regarding sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. Kerala voyages India Pvt Ltd complies with more than 200 criteria, related to an operators’ office management, product range, international business partners, and customer information. The Travelife standard is covering the ISO 26000 Corporate Social Responsibility themes, including environment, biodiversity, human rights, and labor relations; and is formally Recognised as in full compliance with the UN supported Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria. Mr. Naut Kusters, manager of Travelife for tour operators, “I am delighted to see that sustainability in the tour operators’ sector is obtaining momentum. The award of the front runner Kerala voyages India Pvt Ltd will inspire other companies in India to follow the same path”.Travelife is the leading international sustainability certification for the travel sector. More than 35 national travel associations are promoting the scheme to their members including 20 European Travel associations. Since 2012, more than 1500 tour operators have been trained in CSR and more than 500 tour operators have been awarded.

Mr. George Scaria, Managing Director and Sustainability Co-Ordinator at Keralavoyages said “When Covid stalled everything in Tourism, we at Keralavoyages, thought about spending our time on creating value addition to our travelers in future. And we knew Post Covid travel will have a focus on sustainable travel options. Fortunately, we had already been connected with Travelife through our Swiss partner and we took it from there. The management and the team successfully completed the training modules on Sustainability Management in two months to achieve Travelife Partner status. But we wanted to go further and reach the Certified Status which is the highest Sustainability Certification for Tour Operators across the globe. The road was not an easy one as the reporting process was so extensive which covered more than 200 checkpoints and an International audit. Now we are excited on our Certified status which makes us more humble and responsible towards better sustainable standards. As a part of our commitment to the industry and the first and only Travelife Certified Tour Operator in India, it will be our pleasure to help any serious, passionate organization to become a Sustainable one”

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