Research from UNWTO says International Travel will revive only by last quarter of 2021

Not so good news for the international tourism scenario. The recent survey research conducted by UNWTO points out that the revival of International Tourism will not be possible until the last quarter of 2021 and could even get stretched to 2022. Mr. Suman Billa, Director, Technical Cooperation and Silk Route, UNWTO while revealing the summary of the study said “One exercise we have done is that we have experts from all geographies in the world to look at what the forecast is like, now 80% of these experts think that international travel will only recover in the third quarter of next year, ie 2021 and the other 20 percent believe that the recovery will only happen in 2022. So what this means, I think from an Outlook perspective is that we are going to see a situation where we will need to, more or less write off international travel for the next three quarters or so and then see how to pick up the threads from there.

UNWTO has been in the forefront of guiding the tourism sector since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis and has been calling on the global tourism community to mitigate the economic and social cost of the pandemic with safety and responsibility for millions across the world.

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