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Tourism Ireland conducts informative webinar for the Indian Travel Trade

Tourism Ireland organized an informative webinar for the Indian travel trade on the 19th NOV to share the latest about Ireland’s product offerings, including key attractions, and service providers, screen tourism, and coastal touring routes.

Speaking after the event, Ms. Huzan Fraser Motiwala, India Representative, Tourism Island said “With the British Ireland Visa Scheme ( BIVS)  we now have a single Visa between the UK and Ireland. So the Visa comes stamped with the BIVS stamp and you can travel with that one visa to both the UK and Ireland.  You apply for the visa from the country that you are visiting first.  Ireland is a small country and it’s very easy to navigate around, self-drive is great to do in Ireland and everything, most of the cities are just about two to two and a half hours away from each other. Just, for example, Dublin to Galway is just a 2 hours drive and Dublin to Belfast is another 2 hours’ drive.

Mr. Flip Robinson, Owner of Giant Tours Ireland told “We have an awful lot of things to do, linked with Game of Thrones as well. There is a lovely trail along the river which has these amazing art installations, which are stained glass windows, so you can pick these up as you go and have a walk around Belfast.