Stick to the 3S Celebrations during COVID times – Small, Simple and Safe

Apart from the health hazards and causalities, one of the worst effects of the pandemic is that it has isolated many people and forced them to confine to their homes for safety reasons.

Family functions, get together with friends and team outings have always helped people connect with family, peers, and colleagues. This has taken a serious blow and a feeling of isolation has overshadowed lives.

Christmas and New Year are round the corner and it is time to work on your holiday plans, modify them to make sure you and your loved ones stay safe. The safety of your friends, families, and society is your responsibility too and hence it is all the more important.

Large gatherings should be strictly avoided. Small household gatherings are always a safer option and pose a lower risk of spread. In larger communities like apartments, the celebrations may be restricted to the residents, who have been living together and sharing common spaces. It is advisable to avoid external guests.

Any crowd gathering is subject to the risk of virus spread and it is important that both the organisers and the participants take necessary steps to reduce the chances of infection and stick to the safety guidelines of the regional authority.

Railway stations, bus stations, Airports, public restrooms are places where the chance of getting exposed to the virus in the air as well as on the surfaces is high and hence should be avoided. Individual transport and point to point drive without in between stops is the safest bet.

Ventilation of the gathering space is yet another important factor. Indoor function venues with poor ventilation are riskier than outdoor events.

Wearing masks, keeping safe distance, lesser interaction time and regular sanitizing needless to say are prerequisites.

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