Canada extends travel restrictions by another month

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picture credit – Taylor Burk Photography

Canada is extending travel restrictions on incoming foreign travellers for another month as coronavirus continues to pose a threat to public safety, CIC News has reported.

Travel restrictions are now being extended until September 30. This is the third time Canada is extending travel restrictions that were originally put in place from March 18 until June 30. The federal government has been reviewing the coronavirus situation month-by-month and adjusting travel policies accordingly.

In addition, the mandatory quarantine order that was in effect since March has also been extended. Exempt travellers will have to carry out a self-isolation period of 14 days if they are allowed into Canada.

Canada continues to welcome immigrants who support the labour market and aid in economic recovery. This past month Canada created a pathway to permanent residence for asylum seekers working in healthcare, CIC News said.

Immigration programs are also continuing to be active, inviting immigration candidates to take the next steps towards permanent residence.