Rushing to the airport? Check-in via WhatsApp

SpiceJet has unveiled an automated customer service and check-in facility via WhatsApp. The carrier’s customer service agent called “Ms Pepper” can be accessed by passengers at the mobile number 6000000006, SpiceJet said in a press statement.

Earlier, these facilities were available in SpiceJet’s website or mobile application.

“WhatsApp “Hi” to Ms Pepper on your way to the airport and she will help you with the mandatory web check-in process without the need to visit SpiceJet’s website and deliver your boarding pass directly to your mobile phone,” it stated.

Moreover, the automated agent will solve customer’s queries on WhatsApp, the airline added. “As WhatsApp works well over slow and intermittent internet connections, customers can chat with Ms Pepper without worrying about being in a good network area,” it noted.

SpiceJet has also launched a revamped complimentary in-flight entertainment (IFE) system called ‘SpiceScreen’ that can be accessed by passengers on any of their personal hand-held devices like mobiles or laptops.

The airline said the new IFE system will have content like blockbuster movies, popular TV shows, cartoons and stand-up comedies.

“An enhanced version of the airline’s existing in-flight entertainment, SpiceScreen…enables seamless delivery of content on to the personal devices of the passengers through the Wi-Fi network,” it noted.