Mental stress on Air India employees can jeopardise safety of operations: Binoy Viswam

Alliance Air employees union president Binoy Viswam has questioned the Government’s decision to privatise Air India and introduction of the leave without pay policy for its employees. He stressed that over the past two years, the entire Air India organization has been severely affected by the Government’s decision to privatise the airline. 

”The uncertainty over the future as well as the Government’s decision to cut wages and introduced a leave without pay policy has caused great mental stress to all employees. In such circumstances, it is possible that the maintenance and safety of aircraft is also jeopardised and it is important that the enquiry looks into these aspects as well’,” said Binoy Viswam in a statement.

Alliance Air is a regional airline in India and a wholly owned subsidiary of Air India. It was established in 1996.

He lauded the staff and crew of Air India have displayed exemplary courage in the face of such adversity. He said, ”These brave workers have continued to provide their services even amidst the deadly COVID- I 9 pandemic and brought thousands of Indians stranded abroad back home.”

He requested the Central Government to make note of the sacrifices and hardships of the employees of Air India and work towards improving their employment conditions and provide them with job security amidst the impending privatisation.

Expressing sadness over the Air India Express flight crash at Kozhikode Airport on Friday night, he said that the incident is heart-wrenching and a cause of deep sorrow.

The CPI leader said that the matter should be investigated to prevent any such incidents in the future. He said,” As the nation mourns this tragic event and extends solidarity with all those affected by this tragedy, it is also important that we reflect and introspect in order to prevent such incidents in the future.”