Travel returns to normal in New Zealand

new zealand tourism

New Zealanders got out in force around the country during the school holidays, with some areas enjoying a boost of more than 50% in domestic tourist numbers compared to last year, according to a report by New Zealand Herald.

New data shows the number of New Zealanders outside of their home region peaked at 550,000 on July 11 – the highest since March.

Kaikoura had a 56% boost in numbers and the West Coast 51% as the South Island benefited most from increased travel by Kiwis, who are now largely confined to this country for holidays as a result of border restrictions. Queenstown had a 43% boost and Fiordland was up by 46%, the NZ Herald report says.

Throughout the country, all regions had tourism growth with the top performer in the North Island being Wairarapa at 38%, followed by Ruapehu, which had a near 29% boost in numbers.

Auckland had the lowest increase – 6% – during the school holidays, according to figures from Data Ventures in a report commissioned by Tourism New Zealand.

“The increase in travel provided a much-needed boost to communities across the country,” said Tourism New Zealand’s director commercial, Rene de Monchy.

Tourism New Zealand has been promoting domestic travel through its “Do Something New, New Zealand” campaign.

The campaign, which is running now, encourages Kiwis to head to the ski regions to try something new this winter and will be live until the end of August.