British Airways facing landing slot issues at UK airports

British airways

The Boris Johnson government is under pressure to strip British Airways of valuable landing slots at UK airports amid concern about the airline’s plan to cut 12,000 jobs, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

More than 100 British members of parliament from various political parties are asking the prime minister to reconsider British Airways’ right to slots at airports such as Heathrow, the newspaper said. The mounting political pressure comes after British Airways revealed it would cut about 28% of its 42,000 workers as it struggles to survive amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The airline holds more than half of the slots — which give planes the right to take off and land at a certain time — at Heathrow. The slots, particularly the ones at peak times, can be worth several million pounds each.

Union Unite and politicians are pressuring the prime minister, saying that airlines should only be able to keep the slots if they also demonstrate they are being socially responsible and “internally investing” in the business, the newspaper reported.